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Trust the services of Kapinga LLC for all high level cleaning jobs for Schools, Churches, Hospitals and Houses.

The cleaning of your premises cannot be improvised, it is a matter for professionals and it is our job.

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Kapinga LLC is a company operating in the USA and headquartered in the city of Portland. We specialize in professional cleaning of schools, churches, hospitals and homes


We clean schools


We clean churches


We clean hospitals


We clean houses

About Kapinga LLC

My company is Kapinga LLC, a cleaning service company. Back in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I have always had my own business, so I have experience running a business from home. When I moved to the United States, I had the opportunity to work as a housekeeper for Goodwill and for Maine Medical. Based on what I learned from these two experiences in the housekeeping industry, I decided to start a small cleaning service business. My plan is to serve schools, churches, hospitals and homes. I really enjoy this job and now I spend all of my time watching my business grow.

1-5 Employees currently

Positive growth


Discover our achievements in cleaning and maintenance of professional premises

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